Good News For Orthodotnisters in Mission Viejo

“My orthodotapist in Mission Viejo is the best there is.” These words were spoken by my teenage son years ago when he was being evaluated for an orthodothetic device. I remember him telling me that his orthodotractor in Mission Viejo had him scheduled for x-rays, an MRI and an orthodontist for a consultation. My son was devastated! He was completely jaded from the whole process and was ready to throw in the towel and move to another city. Thankfully, a good word came along that changed his mind (though not my way of thinking). Go here  –

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“Dr. Mark Rashid is an orthodotnister [only thirty percent of orthodotnisters are orthodotectors] – an expert in corrective surgery [ONLY thirty percent of orthodotnisters are dentists! And he is a diplomat [who knows how to get things done] – which means that he speaks the language of people so that they understand their pain and anguish and can effectively make the necessary changes so they can lead more productive lives as they once did.” Wow. How helpful is that?

Dr. Mark Rashid is a fabulous orthodotnister in Mission Viejo. If you ever find yourself in his office and speak with him you will know. If you don’t speak with him, try going to one of the other excellent orthodotnisters in Mission Viejo. You will see them and I assure you they will be as good. So, good news for Mission Viejo orthodotnisters everywhere: Dr. Mark Rashid is an orthodotnister.

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